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it’s easier for me to get closer to
heaven than ever feel whole again

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Song: Ships

Artist: Umbrellas

Album: Illuminare 

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I’m complicated, so frustrating. 

I know you hate it, but I just can’t fake it.

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Song of the day!

Cracked Sidewalk Surfer
Fever Hunting (2013)
Modern Life Is War

One of the albums I bought in Stockholm. This was kind of a random purchase, I had only heard one song before but I thought what the hell. In hindsight it was a great purchase. Fast, intense, heavy but also very melodic, this album is a real gem.

" I am rising with the concrete tide
Bumps and cracks shake loose the cobwebs in my mind
Bail or smash, for old mistakes I won’t do time
Sincerely sorry if I was a fool, If I acted arrogant or cruel

My vessel moves forward so must my soul
Shouting matches with father time about my former sins
Burning in my thighs, salty sweaty eyes
get me where I’m going
I’m starting to feel young again

Don’t get, don’t get
Don’t get, don’t get lazy
You’ll get, you’ll get
You’ll get stuck again

My vessel moves forward so must my soul
No time to go crazy so I must roll… 
before this shell goes arthritic & rusts
Yes, I still know your expectations
No, I still don’t give a fuck
Momentum must be maintained “

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When I look at you
Oh, I don’t know what’s real